The Power of PPO Insurance Networks

According to the American Dental Association, the average dentist participates in 6 dental plans, and PPOs make up over 80% of that dental plan market. With a myriad of benefits available to dentists who choose to participate in PPO insurance networks, it’s understandable that so many practices take part.

Access to More Patients

One of the primary reasons why enrolling in a PPO insurance network is a great decision for dentists is access to more patients. Because in-network dentists lead to patients paying less for excellent dental care, enrolling in a network can instantly increase your number of patients. Whether you are an older practice looking to gain some new patients or a start-up looking for a better way to get your name in front of local patients, joining an insurance network is a great place to start.

Provider Resources

Many PPO insurance networks provide dental practices with a great deal of behind-the-scenes provider resources. From forms and documents, to sample clinical policies, to informative newsletters and even ongoing Continuing Education (CE) seminars, PPOs have plenty to offer. Many dentists find it easy to stay on the cusp of what’s new in dentistry with help from their insurance network partners.

Sophisticated Technology

Since PPO insurance networks are big and growing every year, they have plenty of money to invest in excellent back-end and front-end technology. Networks offer secure provider websites where you can check patient benefits around the clock, submit claims and see the status of claims. Your patients benefit from the same advanced technology, as they will be able to see their benefits, claims and due balances from the provider website as well.

Excellent Customer Service

PPO insurance networks rely on high-quality dentists to make their customers happy, so these networks go above and beyond for customer service. The professionals employed by insurance networks work to grow, maintain and service the network. From online chat capabilities to call centers, dentists and patients can both quickly communicate with customer service representatives. Most networks also regularly mail and email newsletters, news items and fee updates directly to practices throughout the year to ensure everyone is always on the same page.

Partner with Insurance Networks with APEX Reimbursement Specialists

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