Your dental practice relies on accurate coding to quickly and efficiently bill insurance providers and receive reimbursement for the services you perform. Common coding mistakes can lead to denied claims or issues with receiving your reimbursement as quickly as possible. What were some of the most common coding mistakes for dental practices in 2019?


3 Common Coding Mistakes

  1. Using the Wrong Codes: It probably goes without saying that the most common code mistakes are using the wrong code. This often occurs when the new year begins and codes that were valid last year have been replaced or refined with something else. This can also happen when there is a new, more specific code for the procedure that you performed. Always make sure that your staff and all of those who participate in the coding and billing processes take relevant trainings to prevent errors.
  2. Not Running Your Reports: What is one of the best ways to catch common coding mistakes? Running your practice analysis reports on a regular basis. If your practice does not offer certain services, you can also proactively deactivate the codes associated with them to prevent them from being accidentally used. When you update your charting and coding systems with the new codes for 2020, only add the codes that are for procedures that your practice provides. In many cases, having too many codes makes it easy to mistype or misidentify a procedure. By eliminating codes that you do not offer or that are no longer acceptable to insurance providers, you can increase accuracy without asking your dentists or billing professionals to do anything at all!
  3. Improper Communication: One of the other causes of using the wrong code is not charting and communicating correctly. If the person who is completing procedures is not the person who is doing the billing, it is up to them to clearly communicate and chart what procedures were performed and provide back-up documentation. Make sure that you have a defined system for charting, coding and billing that everyone in your practice understands.

Avoid Common Coding Mistakes with APEX Reimbursement Specialists

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