Unlimited Credentialing/Re-Credentialing includes on-boarding and monthly monitoring of each provider.

Services include:


  • Confirm roster of providers per location with each carrier
  • Confirm providers’ network status with each carrier


Provider Management

  • Manage collection and accuracy of provider data. This includes:
    • Apex Credentialing Questionnaire
    • Declaration questions
    • Collect Supporting Documents:
    • Dental License
    • DEA
    • CDS
    • Professional Liability Insurance Declaration Page
    • Management and ongoing reminders for upcoming expiration dates for certificates, insurance, licenses
    • Review each provider’s info to ensure accuracy


Carrier/Payor Management – Unlimited Credentialing/Re-Credentialing

  • Request appropriate forms and agreements from carriers
  • We will complete the forms and double check for accuracy
  • If necessary, we will follow up with our designated contact(s) in the event we need additional provider information
  • Forms to be sent to provider for review & signature
  • Upon receipt of the reviewed and completed documents, APEX will forward the documentation to carrier


Follow Up Management

  • APEX will follow up to ensure carrier receipt and processing
  • APEX will notify the provider/contact(s) upon receipt of “in- network” dates per carrier
  • Post confirmation of “in-network” dates. APEX will review all data with each carrier to validate accuracy


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