Fee Negotiation


Are you one of the thousands of dentists that are in network with insurance carriers and frustrated with the level of reimbursement you receive for the procedures that you perform?

Prior to negotiation we will request key data from your office to determine which carriers we feel we will have the most success with. Not every carrier will negotiate, and every dental practice has a different landscape. We will additionally ask you to supply your UCR (Usual and Customary Fees), aka your office fees, which may be used over the course of our negotiation. If you, as a new practice, do not yet have these fees, we will provide suggested starting points for your practice.

Our negotiation services are offered on a pay for performance or contingency basis. We are only paid on our success! This is a No-Risk All-Reward proposition! With our negotiated increases average at 7% – 12%, make sure you don’t leave money on the table!

Let us review your practice profile and determine the areas in which we are able to assist you in increasing your bottom line!




You open a new practice, bring on a new associate, or you are even adding carriers to your current portfolio of insurance carriers. If only it was as easy as saying “In-Network”! The task of credentialing is an arduous task and requires hours of document collecting and paperwork in which you are likely asking your office manager to complete. In these hours the office manager could be learning the new practice management software or greeting new patients.

Our team has developed an onboarding process in which we verify participation status, manage the process of gathering all the relevant provider, obtain and complete all the carrier forms, and follow up to ensure the completion of the credentialing process. As strong as we are in handling this process, depending on the insurance carrier, the process could take 60 – 90+ days until it sees its completion.



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Does your practice code accurately for maximum reimbursement? Perhaps you are considering purchasing or selling a practice? If so, would you like to maximize your investment?

If you are a dentist who wants to ensure that you are not leaving any money on the table and that your operations are compliant, we can help you increase Practice efficiency and profitability by submitting accurately coded claims

Through the expertise of our Director of Coding and Compliance, Dr. Wayne Silverman, DDS Apex can review your coding, generate recommendation reports and suggest ways to meet the highest standards of coding & compliance.