We were extremely pleased to see over an average of 22% increase with Aetna!
Andrew D. Lyons II, DDS
Smile Savvy Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Charlotte NC

“Apex Reimbursement Specialists have been extremely helpful in getting me in network with my PPO plans.  They made a process that is extremely confusing and overwhelming completely pain and stress free.  They always made sure I was on task but didn’t overwhelm me with too much at a time.  It was a pleasure working with them and I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs to set up their practice with dental insurance.”
Joshua Carpenter, DMD
Meridian Campus Family Dental Lacey, Washington

“We are so happy that we signed with Apex! They are so easy to work with and are very personable. They have successfully increased our fee schedules and secured percentage increases as high as 145%! All of our colleagues should call Apex today to see how they can help them increase their reimbursements as well.”
Debbie, Office Manager
Dr. Bonnie Culbertson, Towson MD

“As a practicing dentist I have often felt as though the insurance companies have the upper hand with the contracts we sign with them. Apex Reimbursement Specialists is one of the few organizations that can make a difference. Apex created the leverage we needed to receive the fees WE deserved! They enabled us to achieve significant increases on our top utilized codes. If you are interested in increasing revenue, I strongly recommend you contact Apex to help your practice as they have with mine.”
Dr. Dionne Finlay
Smile Savers, Bronx NY

“My team at Apex Reimbursement really knows their stuff! Their knowledge of what insurance companies are looking for in order to negotiate the highest fees possible for my practice generated a great return on investment! Don’t go it alone. I highly recommend working with Apex for their professionalism and solid results!”
Dr. Richard Nochman
Owner, Flushing NY

“I was pleasantly surprised when APEX secured an average of in our fee reimbursement of over 14%! Without hesitation, I highly recommend Apex Reimbursement Specialists to any dental practice that has the desire to increase its bottom line!”
Dr. Michael Sobol
Premier Dental, Manchester MD

“We have been frustrated by low reimbursements from insurance carriers and teaming up with Apex finally provided a solution to our problem. I highly recommend that all dental offices consider Apex as a no-risk/all reward method to increase their revenue!”
Helen Gutierrez, Office Manager
American Dental of Florida, Margate