Whether it’s bill payment or invoicing, most healthcare-related businesses have transitioned to a paperless environment over the past decade. The switch from paper to paperless opens up a lot of efficiencies such as automating busywork, leaving more time to focus on the patients. As you focus on optimizing the patient experience at your practice, how could providing a paperless patient experience improve things?

More Time for Patient Care

One of the most challenging parts of the patient experience for many dentists to address is time. You never want a patient to be waiting too long or make them feel like their appointment time is too short. A paperless patient experience allows you to save time on filing, organizing, and finding documents, which can increase the amount of time that you have to spend working with your patients.

A Thorough Paper Trail

Papers can be much more easily misplaced than electronic information, and a paperless patient experience creates a digital paper trail that is much easier for dentists to follow. You can enjoy immediate access to things like important files, records, X-rays, contacts, and appointment history instead of needing to sort through multiple systems or use paper copies. Electronic records are searchable as well, so you can search for a specific word or phrase much faster without having to flip through a pile of papers.

Make Getting Payments Easier

Aside from in-office materials being digital, you can also digitize your billing and payment processes. A paperless patient experience generally makes getting paid on time and in full much easier. Some of the benefits of digital payment options include:

  • Patients can pay whenever they want to, even if the office is closed or it’s after hours
  • Your office can send emails or text messages to remind patients of an invoice
  • Patients can store payment information on the website for easier billing next time
  • Shortening the length of time from creating the invoice to getting payment
  • And more!

Better Communication

Patients want communication from their healthcare providers, as their lives are busy, and making it to their six-month cleaning appointment is not always at the top of their minds. A paperless patient experience adds ease to regular communications, like appointment reminders and scheduling. Patients also have the option to text in pictures of their concerns to get quick advice which can minimize appointment times as well. Patients who feel like their dentist is easy to communicate with are much more likely to stick around.

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