At APEX Reimbursement Specialists, we are constantly looking for new ways to better help all of our clients like you. One of the biggest needs that many practices are encountering is revenue cycle management. We are delighted to help you better streamline your dental practice through these new services, and we encourage you to call us today at (410) 710-6005 to get started.

What Is Revenue Cycle Management?

No dental practice can operate effectively in the long term without the right administrative and clinical support for revenue generation. When any step of the process fails, you can miss out on money that should be in your pocket and provide patients with a poor experience. Revenue cycle management services provide you with proven strategies to ensure timely patient service revenue collection and ongoing monitoring to proactively deal with challenges. When you have a great RCM process, your dental practice will be sustainable and financially viable.

Why Should You Outsource Revenue Cycle Management?

Revenue cycle management can eat up a great deal of your time and distract you from other parts of running your business. By outsourcing your RCM needs, you can give your front office more time to focus on providing the highest standard of patient care. Working with APEX Reimbursement Specialists for your revenue cycle management can accelerate your cash flow, increase revenue, lower your spending, and make running your office less stressful.

We accomplish these goals by providing you with insurance verification, clean claim submission, error-free payment posting, and timely claim follow-up. Our team will serve as a natural extension of yours, so you will have prompt updates about any potential issues, our progress, and any other relevant information.

Our Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

We offer four different tiers of revenue cycle management services, each of which comes with different benefits. Even our most basic package includes all of the essentials—claims submission, claim follow-up, payment posting, and reporting. Our additional tiers include add-ons like insurance verification, EFT reconciliation, monthly insight reporting, and payer relations. If you aren’t sure what package is best for your current needs, reach out to APEX Reimbursement Specialists today.

APEX Reimbursement Specialists Is Here to Help Your Practice Grow

Whether you’re preparing for the recredentialing process or looking to explore automating your dental practice, APEX Reimbursement Specialists is here to help. Contact our team today by calling (410) 710-6005. We look forward to working with you to make your practice a more profitable place.