An exciting update is on the way for providers who currently participate in Guardian’s DentalGuard Preferred Select Network (DGPS). Like other recent network changes for other insurance companies, this change allows DGPS dentists to also see PPO members of Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife) dental plants. What changes are on the way, and what does it mean for you?

A Change to Guardian’s DentalGuard Preferred Select Network

As early as June 1, 2024, dental providers who are already participating in Guardian’s DentalGuard Preferred Select Network will have the opportunity to be named participating dentists for PPO members of MetLife dental plans. Through this arrangement, you can now accept MetLife PPO patients using your current terms and fee schedule for Guardian’s DGPS.

Providing that you are interested in participating, you do not need to do anything. You will automatically be able to accept MetLife patients after the eligibility period begins. However, if you are interested in opting out of participating, you can fax your request to (509) 464-8020 or email If you choose to opt-out after accepting MetLife patients initially, you should post a notice in your office telling patients that you are no longer part of the network arrangement.

Do You Have More Questions?

As the transition period begins, Guardian will provide you with a notification letter to confirm your eligibility. You can also call Guardian with any specific questions that you have at (800) 890-4774.