Hello, this is Harold Gornbein with Apex Reimbursement Specialists! If you are like most dental practices your expenses are increasing, and you are facing a steady stream of lower reimbursements from the insurance companies year after year.

This is the first video of an educational series in which I am going to outline some key steps that can be taken to negotiate higher fees from insurance companies that can get you paid more without any additional chair time.

Before we get into the specific steps which you will learn during the series, I want you to be aware of some common misconceptions about negotiating with the PPO’s that we heaer every single day.

– Insurance Companies won’t negotiate!
– the PPO’s don’t need me.
– I am just a number.
– I have no leverage.

None of this is true and during the course of our videos series, you will learn about some of the steps that we take to generate increased revenue on behalf of our clients every single day.

During our next video you will learn about the first step we take in the negotiation process: Creating your insurance profile.

Thank you for watching and be on the lookout for our next video!