If your dental practice is overwhelmed with paperwork and timesheets are bogged down with checking boxes and submitting paperwork, you stand to benefit from credentialing management from APEX Reimbursement Specialists. We can take over every step of the credentialing process in accordance with the demands of each insurance provider so that your first-time enrollment or re-credentialing runs smoothly.

Credentialing Has Changed 

Credentialing has never been a totally straightforward process, and recent changes in the insurance industry have made it even more of a headache. Using a trusted partner like APEX to streamline the credentialing process can take a great deal of time off of your plate and ensure that paperwork is filled and filed properly. Credentialing management will enroll you with your preferred providers and any other networks such as Medicaid.

The Credentialing Process 

A little bit of preparation can make the credentialing process run much more smoothly. Our credentialing experts will work with you to gather all of the basics, from your TIN number to a phone number that patients can use to make appointments. Once we submit all of the necessary documentation, we will hear from insurance carriers over a period of 30-90 days. Our team will regularly follow up with carriers to ensure they have everything that they need and that the process is moving along. Once we receive an effective date, we will notify you right away.

Why Credentialing from APEX? 

By streamlining the credentialing process, your dental practice will experience numerous benefits, including:

  • All of the relevant information kept in one place, with one team handling it
  • Our years of experience enrolling with multiple different providers
  • Regular status updates
  • None of your dental practice’s time wasted on filling out paperwork or following up with insurance companies

Partner with APEX Reimbursement Specialists 

To partner with our team for your credentialing or reimbursement negotiation needs, contact APEX Reimbursement Specialists today at (410) 710-6005.