Does Your Practice Management System Give You Everything You Need?

The right practice management system for your dental practice should help you to be as productive and profitable as possible. Selecting the right system and software doesn’t need to be hard, as long as you are taking the most important features into account.


As a dentist, you need to provide patients with the best possible experience to ensure retention. If your practice management system can’t keep things organized and provide your staff with an intuitive clinical workflow, it won’t be able to give your patients the best experience. When considering functionality, take the following into account:

  • Clinical workflow
  • Ease of scheduling
  • Billing features
  • Server-based or cloud-based functionality

Integration Capabilities

What technologies and apps do you utilize in your practice? Which ones do you need to integrate with your practice management system? Many mission-critical tools like digital imaging equipment and patient marketing material should be able to seamlessly integrate with your practice management system. Take time to think about how your system would ideally integrate with what you already use.


Reports are the least exciting part of practice management for many dentists, but they are also essential to turning a profit and cultivating a successful practice. The right practice management system will equip you to offer the best level of care possible and make intelligent business decisions. If you own more than one practice, you should also consider if the system you’re using can give you cross-location reports. Think about the:

  • Number of reports available
  • Data available in the reports
  • Insights

End User Experience

User experience is one of the least-considered factors when choosing a practice management system. However, if the people required to use the software spend a great deal of time trying to make it work, or don’t use it to the fullest extent possible because it’s inconvenient to do so, your investment will be wasted. Your practice management system should be easy for team members to learn and master without needing a ton of behind-the-scenes training. Think about what staff members will need to use the software, how easy it is to do so and how long it will take for them to feel totally comfortable doing so.

Choose the Right Practice Management System with APEX

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