There are countless consequences of cybersecurity breaches, and they are particularly dire when you are responsible for private information about patients and their health. Cybersecurity compliance is one critical piece of the puzzle to protect your business and your clients. Even if you had a risk assessment completed in the past and implemented the recommendations, preventing a cyberattack is an ongoing practice and not just a one-time thing. How can you improve compliance at your practice?

Complete Risk Assessments Regularly

As part of HIPAA compliance, all dental practices need to complete risk assessments. However, they are also important for cybersecurity compliance. Risk assessments can pinpoint weak spots and where you and your employees are not following the outlined plan so that you can create an action plan. Some breaches do not occur due to a lack of preparation but instead are due to a lack of execution.

Review Users and Access Privileges Routinely

Some of the more subtle dangers that can be caught with proper cybersecurity compliance are outdated users who still have access to your systems and current users who have unnecessary access. Inactive or outdated accounts can be compromised and used for a variety of nefarious purposes. Look through all of your software and accounts to look for past employees who still have accounts and delete them. Ensure that your offboarding procedures include the deactivating of accounts like email.

Next, you should make sure that only people who need access have access. Regularly look through access privileges to make sure that nobody has access to data that they don’t need. This is especially important if anyone has recently been promoted or moved into a new role, as they might have the ability to see unnecessary information.

Train Employees

Training does not always stick the first time, even if you did a great job presenting the information. Make cybersecurity compliance a priority by having regular training opportunities to refresh their skills and ensure that they are able to proactively address cybersecurity risks, like identifying phishing emails.

Get Help From a Professional

If you want to make sure that cybersecurity compliance is prioritized at your practice, one of the best ways to do so is by working with a professional. OfficeSafe offers a free HIPAA Risk Assessment that you can sign up for by clicking here. We specialize in working with dental practices just like yours.

APEX Reimbursement Specialists Is Here to Help Your Practice Grow

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