Most modern dental practices are extremely reliant on technology to take care of everything from charting to scheduling appointments. While some cybersecurity threats, like ransomware, have been affecting the healthcare industry for years, more small and mid-sized businesses are finding themselves targets. What are some of the growing cybersecurity threats to dental practices today?

Ransomware Attacks

In 2020, almost a third of ransomware attacks impacted healthcare industry businesses like hospitals and dental practices. These attacks can hold valuable and sensitive information like patient records and schedules hostage unless you pay a ransom. Unfortunately, even if you do shell out money for the ransom, the security and privacy of your patients has been violated and thousands of sensitive documents could be in the wrong hands.

Mobile Security Attacks

The change to remote and partially-remote work that impacted thousands of businesses across the country also affected dental practices and cybercriminals. One of the most pressing growing cybersecurity threats is mobile security attacks. These include phishing attacks that use email, messaging apps, and even social media to get information that could allow access to your systems. If your employees are using mobile devices in the workplace or using passwords across accounts, you are especially at risk.

Malware Attacks

Many dental practice owners know that their employees are smart. After all, that’s why you hired them! Unfortunately, intelligence does not always have much to do with falling for phishing emails. These cybersecurity threats can look impressively convincing and leave few signs that the email is not coming from a legitimate source. Phishing emails with malware might appear to come from a financial institution, a software company, or even a patient. Beyond engaging in proactive cybersecurity efforts, you should also work with a company that can provide training to your employees so that they can readily identify potential phishing emails.  

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