Inventory and equipment management are two of the most important tasks that dental practices must do to ensure that a high standard of care is offered and that profit margins allow the practice to grow. Inefficient inventory and equipment management can lead to businesses purchasing far more than necessary or upgrading before it makes sense to do so. How can your practice start cutting costs without compromising your standard of care?

Reduce Breakdowns

Using a professional equipment management system will ensure that your equipment is properly maintained. Preventative maintenance is hard to remember independently, but skipping it can lead to breakdowns that force you to pay for emergency service and cancel appointments that would bring in revenue. The right equipment management system saves you money by ensuring your equipment is always working properly and that you can plan ahead for maintenance and repair expenses.

Stay Organized

Inventory and equipment management programs help your practice stay more organized, as all relevant information will be available in one place. When you are organized, it’s easier to see what you already have and the maintenance history of various pieces of equipment, which prevents you from unnecessarily spending money. Many practices do not necessarily lose money through a single big purchase. Instead, it’s repeated over-buying or smaller purchases that add up and that could be avoided through better organization.

Reduced Workload on Staff

Beyond inventory and equipment, staffing is one of the biggest expenses of most practices. Any time your staff members spend time duplicating work or on things that could be further streamlined, you are wasting money. An effective equipment management solution will eliminate that wasted time and prevent key members of your staff from repeating work that has already been done.

Prevent Excess Equipment and Inventory

Finally, equipment and inventory management solutions are designed to show you exactly what you have at any given time. Carrying inventory and pieces of equipment that are not being used is money sitting in a room or on a shelf at your practice that you cannot spend on anything else. Additionally, it also takes up space that you could be using for other things. Inventory and equipment that expires, breaks, or becomes obsolete before you have the chance to use it is also wasted money. Equipment management systems can ensure you limit waste.

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