APEX Reimbursement Specialists offers an effective suite of services designed to make your dental practice a more profitable and stress-free endeavor. By removing tedious tasks like credentialing from your plate and taking over fee negotiation, your practice can focus on more important aspects of running your business and treating patients.

Fee Negotiation 

Many dental practices never attempt to negotiate fees with insurance companies because they assume they aren’t open to negotiation and that individual practices have no leverage with PPOs. However, that is far from the truth! By working with a PPO fee negotiation specialist like APEX, you can maximize reimbursement for your top 25-30 utilized codes (which make up 80-90% of your annual revenue). Our clients have experienced an impressive 7-12% average increase in reimbursement rates thanks to our skilled negotiation.


Credentialing is a tiresome but critical process, as without it you will not be able to accept insurance providers or Medicaid. APEX can take over the credentialing process and handle all paperwork and follow-up with individual providers. We have well-developed relationships with all major carriers and work tirelessly to ensure a smooth credentialing process for all of the dental practices we partner with. No need to worry about checking the right boxes and meeting carrier deadlines—leave those to us!

Coding & Compliance 

Proper coding and compliance are often the culprits behind a dental practice that isn’t profiting despite doing great work. Our experts will complete a comprehensive review of your practice and make a customized action plan to turn things around. We will coach members of your team in proper coding practices and make sure that you are getting every dollar you deserve. If you are tired of having claims denied and losing money every time a patient sits in your chair, a coding and compliance review is a great way to overhaul your practice.

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