How do you get new patients at your dental practice? While traditional marketing is one way and being in-network will naturally attract some new patients, one of the most powerful ways to find new patients is something you don’t actually do yourself—referrals. The patient experience has a tremendous impact on how likely patients are to recommend you to their family and friends, so improving patient experience can improve your entire business. How can you offer a better experience? 

Communicate Clearly and Often

Effective communication is foundational to a positive patient experience. Going to the dentist can be frustrating and anxiety-provoking for many people, and clear and consistent communication helps build trust and keep patients coming back.

  • Pre-Appointment Communication: Ensure patients receive all necessary information before their appointment. Send reminders through emails, text messages, or phone calls. Include information on anything they need to know to prepare if they are having a procedure. 
  • In-Practice Discussions: During appointments, explain procedures and treatments in a clear and understandable manner. Use visual aids if necessary to help patients grasp complex dental concepts. Always let patients ask questions if they have any.
  • Post-Appointment Follow-Up: After appointments, follow up with patients to check on their recovery and address any concerns. This shows that you care and helps catch potential issues early.

Make Your Office Feel Welcoming

The environment at your dental practice significantly impacts patient comfort and the overall patient experience. Creating a comfortable and welcoming space can help patients feel more relaxed.

  • Reception Area: Invest in comfortable seating, good lighting, and neutral decor. Provide basic amenities like water, Wi-Fi, and reading materials. Consider playing soft music or having a TV to entertain waiting patients or family members.
  • Treatment Rooms: Make sure that all treatment rooms are clean, organized, and able to accommodate patients’ needs, like a chair where they can set their belongings.

Appointments Made Easy

An easy scheduling process will reduce patient frustration and improve their overall experience. The harder it is for patients to make an appointment, the less often they will visit.

  • Online Booking: Offer an online appointment booking system that is easy to navigate and available around the clock. This reduces the workload for your reception staff and makes it easier for patients to schedule appointments at their own convenience.
  • Flexible Hours: Consider extending your office hours once or twice a week to accommodate patients with challenging schedules. Early morning, late evening, or weekend appointments can make it easier for patients to visit your dental practice.

Don’t Fear Feedback

Getting tough feedback is not always easy, especially when you know that you are working as hard as you can. However, listening to your patients and incorporating their feedback is important to improve the patient experience.

  • Surveys and Feedback Requests: After each visit, ask patients to complete a short survey or feedback form. You can text message them a link or send an automated email. The questions on your survey should cover various aspects of their experience, including how easy it was to make an appointment, their interactions with staff at your dental practice, and their overall satisfaction.
  • Online Reviews: Encourage your satisfied patients to leave reviews on platforms like Google or Yelp. Respond to all reviews promptly, thanking patients for positive feedback and addressing any concerns raised in negative reviews.

Improve Your Dental Practice Revenue with APEX Reimbursement Specialists

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