Dental service organizations (DSOs) are growing every year, and they show plenty of promise for dentists looking for a streamlined experience that allows them to focus on treating patients without the administrative aspects of traditional practice management. What are some of the perks of joining a DSO, and should you consider doing so?

What Is a DSO?

DSOs are gaining popularity every year because they connect practices with a variety of management services that simplify the aspects of operating a dental practice that many dentists like to avoid. From human resources to regulatory compliance, DSOs free up time spent on administrative tasks so that you can focus on your patients. DSOs are not all the same, as some practices simply outsource administrative services while other practices have DSO-employed dentists.

Outsourced Administrative Services

Owning a dental practice is about much more than simply helping patients have the best oral health possible—it also involves a large number of administrative tasks. Tax management, marketing, accounting, HR, and compliance can all eat up time that might be better spent elsewhere. By joining a DSO, you can eliminate as many of these tasks as you would like.

Technology Upgrades

Another advantage of joining a DSO is getting access to technology upgrades. It can be very costly to invest in the latest technology, and many dentists are not necessarily familiar with all of the options that are available to improve their practices. DSOs work with vendors and tech companies so that you can get top-of-the-line equipment at a fraction of the price.

Legal Support and Compliance Help

Staying on top of regulations and laws can be challenging, and joining a DSO can ensure that you have the legal support and compliance guidance that you need. DSOs are a compelling solution for practices that have had compliance issues in the past or who are concerned about how to minimize risk without devoting their own time and effort into doing so.

Professional Networking

Finally, joining a DSO will provide you with access to the other practitioners in the network and any additional continuing education or training offered through the DSO. If you feel isolated in your practice and want to network with other professionals while also improving your skills, a DSO is a great solution.

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