One of the most time-consuming parts of running a dental practice is not just dealing with patients and providing care, but dealing with insurance companies. The dental billing process can be extremely confusing, and that fact is not helped by insurance codes constantly changing, patient coverage lapsing, and the constantly changing landscape of healthcare in the United States. Dental insurance verification is one of the most important ways that you protect your bottom line while still offering excellent care. What are the basics of automated dental insurance verification?

Dental Insurance Verification

Dental insurance verification can be done manually by a receptionist or worker at your office, or by an automated system. During the verification process, you will confirm that your patient has dental coverage, what procedures and processes are covered, and what their co-pay will be for services that they receive. Automated dental Insurance verification is growing in popularity, as there are numerous services like dentalrobot that simplify the process and provide you with the verification you need without having to pick up the phone.

How Does Automated Dental Insurance Verification Work?

Automated dental insurance verification software is designed to free up time that you and your receptionist previously spent verifying insurance information patient by patient. It is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing practice management systems and appointment schedule, so it’s easy to get the information that you need when you need it.

What Does Automated Dental Insurance Verification Include?

When you complete the verification process you will receive an informative report that details everything you need to know about the current patient’s insurance status. This report includes things like:

  • Date of coverage
  • In-network benefits
  • Coinsurance amount
  • If the coverage was terminated or lapsed
  • Limitations and lifetime maximums
  • Frequency limitations
  • Benefits
  • If referral or prior authorization is necessary
  • Out of network benefits
  • And more

By giving you so much information at the click of a button, you can verify patients in a matter of seconds instead of needing to sit on hold with insurance companies. Automated insurance verification saves thousands of hours for the average dental practice.

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