Equipment management is critical to the success of all dental practices, as efficient management saves you money and time. The right equipment management solution will help track every piece of equipment that you own throughout its lifecycle, including the maintenance schedules and more. How can you effectively manage the equipment at your dental practice?

Maintain Your Equipment

Equipment management does not just involve purchasing new pieces but also taking care of what you have. Any good equipment management program should track the maintenance schedules for each piece of equipment. When you take the time to invest in preventative maintenance, you limit future downtime and avoid paying a premium for emergency repairs.

Schedule Reminders or Alerts

Another key component of equipment management is setting up reminders and alerts to make sure that you never forget part of the maintenance schedule. As part of your equipment management system, schedule regular reminders that match up with the manufacturer guidelines for maintenance. If you are unsure about what the right maintenance schedule is, check online through the manufacturer’s website to confirm it.

Track Maintenance and Repairs As You Go

Beyond simply scheduling reminders, you need to have a way to track whether or not maintenance and repairs are being performed. As part of your equipment management program, ensure that you have a clear way for all of your staff to track work that is done. Even if you have a relatively small dental practice, this is paramount to make sure that you are not duplicating work or replacing things before they need to be replaced.

Keep Staff on the Same Page

Finally, make sure that all of your staff members understand the equipment management processes your practice is implementing and the signs that they will need to be deviated from. How will the employee be able to tell that there is a problem with the piece of equipment? How do they report the problem to you and track it? What processes must be followed when scheduling and paying for repairs? Make sure that you have processes in place ahead of time to ensure safety.

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