Humana recently announced some changes to Medicare benefits starting in 2023. These changes will impact in-network dentists and how easy it is for eligible patients to take advantage of their benefits. What are the changes that your dental practice needs to be aware of?

Changes to Medicare Benefits for 2023

While there are numerous small changes to Medicare benefits detailed in the Dentist Office Handbook linked below, here are some of the highlights:

  • 82% of Humana members with Medicare benefits will have dental benefits that cover select major services. Additionally, 90% of Humana Medicare members will have plans that include periodontal scaling. This expands eligibility so that more of your patients will be able to have the treatments that they require covered by their Medicare benefits.
  • Patients will now be able to use a Flexible Allowance on their Humana spending account cards. These cards can be used to cover out-of-pocket expenses, which also will make it simpler for patients to have the money they need to pay for services and for dentists to receive prompt payment.
  • There is a new Dental Allowance plan for those with Medicare benefits. Through this plan, patients will be able to use the annual maximum without frequency limitations. This change is meant to empower patients to get the treatment that they need as often as they need it, providing that they are not beyond the plan’s annual maximum.

Get Customized Answers

To take a closer look at the changes to Medicare benefits for 2023 and see what type of coverage your patients have, Humana has created a guide here. This guide has detailed information, in addition to a downloadable Dentist Office Handbook packed with information.

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