PPO Fee Negotiation - Apex Reimbursement SpecialistsWhen was the last time you spoke with insurance companies about their reimbursement rate? If you’re like many other dentists, the answer is never. PPO fee negotiation allows you to make more money for every patient that sits in your chair.


Handing your PPO fee negotiation off to professionals, like APEX Reimbursement Specialists, allows you to focus on what really matters—running your dental practice and treating your patients!


The Fee Negotiation Process 

Fee negotiation begins when APEX meets with your practice to form an insurance profile. The profile will list all of the PPO plans you participate in, when you joined them, why you joined them and who the associated network recruiters are. We will then help you to identify what your leverage is. Do you have a specialty that sets your office apart, like oral surgery?
Our reimbursement experts will use your leverage to negotiate a reimbursement schedule that increases your revenue. Once we receive new reimbursement rates, we will continue to renegotiate on a regular basis to ensure you are always getting the best possible reimbursement rate.

What Difference Can PPO Fee Negotiation Make? 

Our average negotiated increases are between 7-12%. How much could you do with an extra 7-12% in revenue every year? PPO fee negotiation is the best possible way to know that you are getting the greatest value and reimbursement rate from every insurance company. The landscape of fee negotiation has completely changed over the past 5-10 years, as negotiating is no longer as simple as calling the insurance company and nicely asking for an increase. Instead, it takes a well-planned and executed strategy to get the best rates.

Partner with APEX Reimbursement Specialists

At APEX, we are only paid for our successes, so it is a no-risk-all-reward proposition. If you are ready to take advantage of our PPO negotiation services, contact APEX Reimbursement Specialists today at (410) 710-6005.