If your dental practice participates in the Active Duty Dental Program (ADDP), it’s important to understand the contract renewal changes that just took effect. This dental program offered through United Concordia Insurance Company is designed to make sure that active duty service members have the dental care that they need to serve their country and perform their duties.

What Does the Active Duty Dental Program Include?

This program has two key components, which are:

  • Remote ADDP contracts provide care to active duty service members who are on continuous active duty for over 30 days with a location or residence or over 50 miles away from a military dental treatment facility (DTF)
  • Military dental treatment facility referred care, or DTF-referred care, offers dental coverage to active duty service members who receive a specific referral for additional care

If you are going to submit claims under the ADDP contract period that ended on May 1, 2022, you must submit them within 60 days of the services rendered or risk not having them accepted.

What Are the Changes to the Active Duty Dental Program?

  1. After May 1, 2022, all DTF-referred and remote ADDP claims need to be submitted along with a dental readiness classification. All claims not including one will be denied. The Active Duty Dental Program has three different dental readiness classifications, including Class 1 (no treatment or reevaluation needed), Class 2 (unlikely to have a dental emergency within 12 months), and Class 3 (who need urgent dental treatment). This is critical for accurate deployment information, as Class 3 service members are ineligible for international deployment.
  2. All remote authorizations should be approved and submitted through DART+ before care is completed. In this approval request, you must include all relevant information like radiographs and diagnostic materials. Walk through the checklist here to ensure you are prepared.
  3. DTF-referred claims need to be submitted with narratives if you are submitting for a select number of procedures. To see the specific procedures, review the list here.

Outside of these changes to the Active Duty Dental Program, the appointment guidelines will remain the same. That means that active duty service members must receive an appointment with 21 calendar days for a periodic exam or initial appointment and within 28 days for specialty care.


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