Every year brings plenty of changes for dental practices, whether they involve the codes used to bill insurance carriers or methods that are best for attracting patients. As you prepare for the turn of a new decade, what trends can dental practices in 2020 expect to see?


Educating Your Patients

There has always been a need for patient education, but as many adults and young adults avoid the dentist due to concerns over high cost or a belief that regular dental care isn’t important, it will become even more important. One survey from the American Dental Association found that the top reasons for forgoing dental care in adults are cost and low perceived need. Attracting new patients and retaining old patients will require dental practices in 2020 to continue showing their value and educating patients on how much care actually costs.

Greater Convenience

Patients in 2020 also want more convenience. Today’s patients are often consumers, which means that convenience could mean the difference between patients flocking to your practice and patients heading somewhere else. Dental practices in 2020 will start to move towards a model that allows for more convenient appointment times (including evenings and weekends), more versatile communication options (secure email, phone) and expanded payment options (check, cash, credit card, PayPal, Venmo). By making your practice convenient, you might be surprised how many patients come back and stick around.

3-D Printing Use Expands

3-D printing technology has come a long way, and many dental practices in 2020 will take advantage of this unique way to create high-quality materials. 3-D printing can use materials like resins to create anything from custom dentures to crowns and more. These objects can now be made in minutes instead of weeks, which means that many dental practices and patients in need will benefit. 3-D printing is becoming more cost effective, and this lab tool will become even more common in 2020.

APEX Reimbursement Specialists Will Help Dental Practices in 2020

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