As you close out your books for 2019, are you leaving money on the table? Every year, dental practices leave behind thousands of dollars in potential reimbursement fees due to not negotiating with their insurance provider partners. If you are ready to take charge of your revenue in 2020 and not leave any money behind, you need to work with a PPO fee negotiator. They work on your behalf to increase reimbursement rates for every insurance provider and boost your bottom line. What should you look for in a PPO fee negotiator?


4 Characteristics of a High-Quality Negotiator

  1. Knowledge: Working with insurance providers requires a great deal of knowledge, and there’s a reason why reimbursement negotiation is so difficult for a dentist to complete on their own—it’s hard! A PPO fee negotiator has all of the background knowledge necessary to identify your areas for improvement and work with insurance providers to get more beneficial rates.
  2. Persistence: Many dental practices struggle with PPO fee negotiation because they get told “no” one time and give up. Negotiation takes hard work and persistence. A professional PPO fee negotiator knows the effort required to follow up with each provider, ensure that all paperwork was processed, update your fee schedules and re-negotiate again the next time that credentialing takes place.
  3. Reputation: Reputation matters when negotiating with insurers and when choosing a negotiator. You want your practice to be professionally represented when speaking and working with insurance providers, so you should choose a highly professional PPO fee negotiator that understands it represents both itself and you. Reputation also stems from experience, and an experienced negotiator understands how to package alterations to reimbursement in a way that benefits your practice without isolating the insurance provider.
  4. Strategy: Do you think that PPO fee negotiation is just a matter of asking every code to be increased? Nope! There is a great deal of strategy and data computation behind the best way to get results, and that is what quality PPO fee negotiators specialize in.

Partner with the PPO Fee Negotiator Specialists at APEX Reimbursement Specialists

Whether you’re preparing for the recredentialing process or looking for assistance in raising your overall revenue with skilled PPO fee negotiation, APEX Reimbursement Specialists is here to help. Contact our team today by calling (410) 710-6005. We look forward to working with you to make your practice a more profitable place.