Why Being a Data-Driven Company Benefits Our Customers

At APEX Reimbursement Specialists, we are proud to be a company centered around analyzing data to the benefit of our clients. As a data-driven company, we are committed to accurately evaluating the market and the fee portfolios of all of our clients to offer the right information for practices to make informed decisions. 

Why Does Evaluating the Market Matter?

Before you can negotiate reimbursement fees with PPOs, you need to understand what other dental practices in your area and throughout the market are doing. Because fees vary from region to region, if you don’t know what the market is doing, you will never be able to stay ahead of the reimbursement game.

The fee schedules are calculated behind the scenes at each insurance company and every company factors in a variety of figures. From claims submitted to the insurance company in an average year to claims data from other healthcare organizations, every provider leverages this data to complete a list of fees.

The data pool of fees is formatted by zip code and typically shows the average charge for each treatment code, the most frequently reported charge per treatment code and percentile levels. If your fees are the lowest in your area, you are unwittingly making your practice a potential target for patients more concerned about finding the lowest price instead of paying for quality. If your fees are all over the place and in the 50th percentile for some procedures and the 90th for others, you should adjust them to be more consistent across the board. Failing to look at the competition around you could lead to accidentally misrepresenting the quality of your service or the target demographic of your practice.

By evaluating the market with a data-driven company like APEX, you can go into a reimbursement negotiation with the right data by your side and leverage accurate information to meet your financial goals.

A Closer Look at Your Fee Portfolio

Examining your fee portfolio is another essential part of making your dental practice more competitive. Whether or not you use insurance companies, our professionals will evaluate your fee portfolio to see what sources of income you are currently benefitting from and what areas you can stand to improve in. Thanks to the depth and breadth of our data, we can identify how your practice can be more profitable and stay competitive.

Enjoy a Data-Driven Dental Practice with APEX

The experts at APEX Reimbursement Specialists can help you to explore the best insurance carrier options for your continued growth and sustained success. Contact our team today by calling (410) 710-6005. We look forward to working with you to make your practice a more profitable place.